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7*7 RGB LED Tact Switch

this is 7x7mm illuminated tact switch with red and blue LED light

This is our TS7 series thru-in illuminated tactile switch with red-blue bi-color LED illumination, it consists of common cathode LED lead, it is four pins, and four pins tact switch body, the LED light can be through into the hole of LED lead, then twist it, it is called as led-illuminated tact button, the DIP type is suit for wave soldering.

The 7x7mm RGB LED illuminated Tact Switch is a versatile and compact electronic component that integrates the functionality of a tactile switch with the illuminating capabilities of RGB LEDs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features, functionality, applications, and advantages of the 7x7mm RGB LED Tact Switch.

Compact Size: The 7x7mm form factor makes it suitable for applications where space is limited.

Tactile Switch: It features a momentary tactile switch mechanism that provides tactile feedback upon actuation, enhancing user experience.

RGB LED Integration: The switch incorporates RGB LEDs, allowing for customizable illumination in various colors, including red, green, blue, and combinations thereof.

Multiple Operating Modes: The RGB LED can be programmed to operate in different modes, such as static color, color cycling, and pulse effects, providing versatility in lighting design.

Low Profile Design: The low-profile construction of the switch enables flush mounting on PCBs or control panels, contributing to aesthetic appeal and space efficiency.

1. Mini 7.0*7.0mm dimension

2. Tri-color or red-green / red-blue / red-white dual color LED illumination options

3. Surface mount and through into terminal options



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