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PCB Mount LED Tactile Switch

PCB Mount Tactile Switch that has a integrated built-in LED,the LED has Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White,Bi-color options


The 7*7mm illuminated through hole white LED tact switch is a great innovation that brings convenience and ease of use to electronic devices. This switch is designed to provide a tactile response when pressed, confirming that an action has been taken. It is also equipped with an illuminating feature, which adds to its functionality.

The LED light makes it easy to find the switch even in low light conditions. This feature is particularly helpful in situations where the switch location isn't obvious. For instance, in car dashboards, illuminated switches help drivers to locate them quickly, reducing the likelihood of accidents. In home appliances, the illuminated switches make it easy to operate the devices even when the environment is not well lit.

The sleek design of the switch also adds to its appeal. Its small size makes it easy to use, while its aesthetics make it appealing. Its white color adds an elegant touch that complements many electronic devices.

Overall, the 7*7mm illuminated through hole white LED tact switch is a fantastic innovation that brings added convenience and ease of use to electronic devices. Its tactile response, illumination, and sleek design make it an indispensable item for any electronic device. With this switch, users can rest assured that they have a reliable and efficient switching mechanism that's both practical and pleasing to the eye.


1. Vertical models

2. Compatible with IR reflow and manual soldering

3. Single-color or dual color display during illumination




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Our illuminated led tact switches has widespread applications for audio apparatus, medical instruments,lighting consoles,safe monitoring system,cashier devices,broadcasting system.