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LED Illuminated Switch With Cap

Thru hole tact switch with 5.5MM diameter clear cap and LED


LED illuminated switch with cap, a sophisticated and versatile component designed to elevate user interface design in various applications. This switch combines tactile feedback, visual indication, and robust construction, making it ideal for consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive interfaces, and more.

The switch features an integrated LED that provides clear and bright illumination. Available in multiple colors, the LED offers visual feedback, indicating the switch's status or mode. This illumination is particularly beneficial in low-light environments and enhances the overall user experience by making the interface more intuitive.

The switch is equipped with a cap that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. The cap can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for seamless integration into your device's design. The cap also helps to protect the internal components from dust and other contaminants, ensuring long-term reliability.

LED illuminated switch with cap is a highly functional and durable component that enhances user interfaces through tactile feedback and visual indication. Its versatility and robust design make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial and automotive systems. By incorporating this switch into your designs, you can significantly improve the functionality and user experience of your devices.


1. Available in six colors options and many bi-color combinations

2. Tactile and audible feedback

3. Cap enhance and gather the area of the illumination

4. An ideal design for sequencer, MIDI controller, modul synthesizer etc music instruments.




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Our illuminated led tact switches has widespread applications for audio apparatus, medical instruments,lighting consoles,safe monitoring system,cashier devices,broadcasting system.