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1.25mm Wafer Connector Terminal

This is Housing Wafer Terminal 1.25mm 10-Pin male shrouded header SMT type wire to board.

The 1.25mm wafer connector terminal is typically made of metal, such as copper or phosphor bronze, to ensure good conductivity and mechanical strength. It is designed to fit within the housing of the connector and is often shaped like a small pin or receptacle, depending on whether it serves as a male or female contact.The terminal may feature additional features such as a crimping area or soldering pads for attachment to wires or PCBs.

1.the primary function of the 1.25mm wafer connector terminal is to establish electrical connections between mating connectors.

2.When the male and female connectors are mated, the terminals come into contact, allowing electrical signals to pass between them.

3.The terminal design and material selection are critical factors in ensuring low contact resistance, high reliability, and long-term durability of the connector assembly.


Rated voltage: 50V AC,DC

Working temperature: -25℃~+85℃

Rated current: 1.0A AC,DC

Insulation resistance: 100MΩMin.

Pressure value: 500V AC/minute

Contact resistance: 20MΩMax.


1.25间距立贴-ph1250-Lt-10c size.jpg