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16a Pin Plunger Micro Switch

Mini Waterproof Micro Snap Switch features small size,long service life and high reliability,variety of terminals options and ,many levers choices.


The 16A Pin Plunger Micro Switch is a robust and precise component crucial for applications requiring high-current switching and accurate actuation. Its pin plunger design, combined with snap action functionality, ensures reliable performance in diverse environments and makes it a preferred choice in industries where durability and precision are paramount. Whether used in industrial automation, automotive electronics, or consumer products, these micro switches contribute to efficient and safe operation, fulfilling critical roles in electrical control and circuit protection.

A 16A Pin Plunger Micro Switch is a specialized type of electrical switch designed to handle higher currents (up to 16 amps) and is equipped with a plunger actuator for precise and reliable operation. These switches are commonly used in applications where a small, precise movement is required to activate or deactivate electrical circuits, making them versatile components in various industries.


-Small Compact Size

- Variety of Actuator and Terminals

- Global Safety Approvals

- Long Life and High Reliability

- Customized Designs

- Widely used in Auto Control, Appliance Control


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