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Thru-in 90 Degree LED Tact Switch

Thru-in 90 Degree led tact switch are available in round and square shape caps options=


TS20 series illuminated tact switches comes with high bright LEDs that are able to meet customization requirements. With its reduced space usage on board; the TS20 series LED momentary tact switch is perfect for network infrastructure, automotive and medical applications.


1. Snap-in type, can be mounted directly on P.C.B Board.

2. It can assembled in different ways:DIP & SMT.

3. Many LED lights are available.

4. It can be mounted with any color and double colors led according to preference.

5. Right Angle type and the P.B.C board become 90 degrees when soldered.关于我们.jpg

HK FVWIN Industrial Company is a leading manufacturer in high quality electronics switches,sockets.our products application scope including electronic equipment, computer peripheral, tele-communication, home appliance, medical equipment, industrial equipment, pro AV etc; Our product covers Illuminated LED tact switches,Illuminated push switches,push button switches, toggle switches and AC socket are all with certified quality approval.

FVWIN meets its customers' highest demands through certified quality, environmental and safety management systems;we also offer OEM and ODM etc strategic customized service.





Our illuminated led tact switches has widespread applications for audio apparatus, medical instruments,lighting consoles,safe monitoring system,cashier devices,broadcasting system.