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Led illuminated push button switch

Led illuminated push button switch with 8.2MM black cap


This is right angle illuminated momentary LED tact switch is a tiny PCB tactile switch that has a integrated LED,the LED has Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White,Bi-color options;the tact switch is size as DIP type 6.0mm x 6.0mm tactile switches and can snap into a PCB board. So it is called PCB illuminated tact switch button.

Right-Angle Design: The switch is mounted at a right angle to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), allowing for space-saving and design flexibility in compact devices.

Illumination: The switch includes an LED that provides illumination, making it easy to locate and operate in low-light conditions. This feature is particularly useful for devices used in dark environments or for aesthetic purposes.

Tactile Feedback: It provides a noticeable "click" feeling when pressed, giving the user tactile feedback to confirm the switch actuation.

Compact Size: These switches are typically small, which makes them suitable for applications where space is limited, such as in consumer electronics, handheld devices, and automotive interiors.

Variety of Colors: The LED illumination can come in various colors, allowing for customization and indicating different functions or statuses.

Durability: Designed for a high number of actuations, these switches are built to withstand repeated use without degrading in performance.

Low Current Operation: The LED and switch mechanism are designed to operate with low current, making them energy efficient and suitable for battery-operated devices.

Mounting Options: Typically surface-mount technology (SMT) or through-hole technology (THT) are used for mounting the switches on the PCB, depending on the design requirements.


1. Mounted directly on PCB Board.

2. Caps offer an easy type of actuation of the existing switch

3. Many LED lights are available.

5. Right Angle type and the P.B.C board become 90 degrees when soldered.




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