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SPST momentary push button switch

Red Off-(On) Round 16mm SPST momentary push button switch 3A SPST


A Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) momentary push-button switch is a type of switch that is typically used for momentary, non-latching applications;SPST momentary push-button switches are commonly used in applications where a temporary or momentary electrical connection is required. For example, they are often found in electronic devices, control panels, and various consumer,Let's break down the key features of this switch:

1. Switch Type:

SPST: Single-Pole, Single-Throw indicates that the switch has a single set of contacts and provides a single on/off function. In the case of a momentary push-button switch, it is only in the ON state while the button is being pressed.

2. Momentary Action:

The switch provides momentary action, meaning that it returns to its default state when the force applied to the button is released. This is different from latching switches, which maintain their state (either ON or OFF) until manually toggled.

3. Actuation Method:

The switch is activated by pressing the button, and it is only in the ON state while the button is held down. Once the button is released, the switch returns to the OFF state.


Model: PB02

Item: Self Reset Switch

Contact Structure: Normally Open (NO)

Working Power: 125V 6A / AC

Max Working Power: 250V 3A / AC

Contact Resistance: 0.01 (Ω)

Insulation Resistance: 100 (MΩ)

Thread Diameter: 16mm

Pin Number: 2


1. Multiple button color options

2. Suitable applications for keyboards, security systems, about 5 colors.

3. Panel mount


AC250V 3A 16mm 2 pin SPST Momentary push button switch.png


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