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3 pin 2 position Toggle Switch

Toggle switch is a manual operation control switch,it’s design for control the break and connect on the AC or DC current circuit.


This is miniature Toggle Switch SPDT with three terminals and two position, the toggle switch with red rubber cap.

This miniature SPDT toggle switch provides single pole, solder lug and PC thru-hole terminations. Multi-position and various actuators for choice. Epoxy sealed terminals prevent contamination during soldering. This tiny toggle switch is perfect for Telecommunications, Instrumentation and Medical equipment, IPC equipment, Power equipment, Electronic appliance, Networking, PLC control device, Transportation, Toy controller.


• SPDT latching, miniature toggle switch

• Panel-mount with solder type terminal

• Panel cut out size of 6.35 mm

• Actuator length of 10.41 mm / 5.50mm

• Chromium-plated brass actuator material




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