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TS7 Series SMT LED Tactile Switch

Recently our company to breakthrough the technology of the soldering issue of surface mount illuminated tact switch, After constant research and development and testing ,we developed a heat-resist SMT LED tact switch that can withstand the 260 centi-degree soldering temperature, it solve the bulk soldering issue and save the manufacturing process for customers.

Our old version SMD illuminated tactile switch can not bear the high temperature, the switch will be damaged because of the over-temperature soldeirng.

The TS7 series momentary led tactile switch is designed with full black, it provides three bi-color, red-green and red-blue, red-white and RGB led options, it has more stable reliability when you solder it.

The surface mount illuminated tact switch button offers 10mm round cap choice.

Features and Benefits:

1. red-green,red-white and red-blue bi-color options.

2. Through hole and SMT

3. Accepted to customized icons

4. Re-flow soldering

SMD Tactile Button Switch RGB LED Light

Basic Parameter


50mA 12VDC

Insulation Resistance

100mΩ Min(at 250VDC)

Dielectric Strength

AC 250V(50-60HZ for1 m)


200,000 Cycles Min

Actuation Force




more info,please click https://www.fvwin.com.cn/en/product/surface-mount-led-tact-switch.html,FVWIN manufactures illuminated tact switch, illuminated push button switch, push button, toggle switch, rocker switch and other electronics switches.



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