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TS9 Series SMD Illuminated Tactile Switch

TS9 series is 6.0*6.0mm tactile switch with LED illumination, the height is 9.0mm, this illuminated tact switch is usually applied in through hole types.this led illuminated switch is always used in through hole type before 2022, we also manufactured surface mount led tactile button, but the SMD type must be soldered by manual and strictly control the temperature under 240 centi-degree, if the soldering temperature is over, the switch will be no function or led will be damaged.

SMD illuminated tactile button

In order to solve the problem, we tried many material, we developed it on June, we uses the special material into the SMD type led tactile push switch, after soldering, the new type SMT illuminated tactile switch can be soldered under 260 centi degree soldering and the switch is ok for using.

However, some of customers will choose the switch button with cap, we advise the cap and switch is separated, because of the cap is ABS material, the high temperature will melt it.

The SMT led tact switch features and benefits:

1. Compact size ,easy for mounting, tactile and audible feedback

2. A variety of single and bi-color led options

3. Matching with various cap button and accept to customized icons.



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