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TS8 Series SMT LED Tactile Switch

The TS8 series illuminated tact switch from FVWIN features through hole and SMT models,it is a basic 6.0*6.0mm tact switch inbuilt into LED illumination,the LED tact switch is available in a variety of single and bi-color LED combinations; besides,various cap button and custom-built icons are welcome,the customized service meet customers’ application specific demands.

TS8 Series SMT LED Tactile Switch

Now,we developed the heat-resist type of ts8 SMT illuminated tact switch,before,we won’t recommend customers to use it,because it can not resist the 260 centi-degree reflow soldering.so it is a biggest problem,but at present,we’ve solved it.the distinguish of TS8 is the SMD type is full black and the through hole is beige button.

if customers has relative requirement,please feel free to contact us.

The TS8 series surface mount illuminated tact switch is widely used for consumer electronics, medical equipment,security devices and audio/video applications.the 6.0*6.0mm illuminated tactile switch is easy to operate, they are offered in a variety of board-mounted applications,the TS8 series illuminated tact button are ideal for use with illuminated LED interfaces via illuminated button style switch buttons.



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