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Common Problems With LED Tact Switch

The illuminated led tact switch is mainly consist of top button, metal dome, cover and plastic base and the lead terminal. because of the tiny resistance, precise operation and various specifications advantages, the momentary LED tactile switch is widely used for home appliances and control panels.Now.let us introduct the illuminated led tactile switch common problems.

LED Tact Switch

1. Inconformity of tactile feeback

The tactile feedback and acutation force of led tactile button depends on the metal dome, there has stainless and phosphor copper, the phosphor copper 's price-quality ratio is very high, some of manufacturer will reduce the cost of production, they will choose it, but the phosphor copper will shrink after soldering, it will impact the tactile feedback, but the stainless dome can avoid this issue , the cost is rather high.

2. Cover fall off

the cover is fixed by the four of base riveted joint, unfixed and high heat will make it deformed and fall off, so the base needs to be made with high heat PC material, and fixed the joints.

3. High Resistant

the resistant of tactile switch is under 30Ω,because of the life test and soldering process will make the resistant higher, the high resistant will lead to bas conatct and impact the operation life

4. Non-conducting state

the switch needs to be actuated with heavy force, bacause of the led tact button is exposed on the air lead to the terminal was oxidized ,so the contact properity is bad.



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