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TS17 series right angle illuminated tactile switch

TS17 series is a kind of illuminated tact switch that 90 degree with the PCB board when you operating it, it comes with size of 6.8x 7.2x5.8mm; TS17 series derives from TS16 series pcb mount led tact switch, TS16 series is vertical through hole type led tactile button, but ts17 series is right-angled type tactile switch with led inbuilt, it offers a wide variety of led colors and cap styles options, we also offer customized icons for the cap button, there has round and square cap options,the round shape is preferred by customers, the laser etch icons cap offer an convenient actuation and highlight the illumination effect.

TS17 series right angle illuminated tactile switch

TS17 series right angle led tact switch featuring compact size , widely led colors and cap modes options, it is widespread applied to peripheral computer, servers, consumers, pro audio/video equipment and instrumentation.

TS17 Series Illuminated Tact Switches Features

1. Snap-in type, can be mounted directly on P.C.B Board.

2. Many LED lights are available.

3. Various symbols can be engraved on the cap.

4. Any customization for cap & symbol is welcomed.

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