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TS8 Series SMT Illuminated Button Switch

TS8 series momentary SPST illuminated tact switch offers through hole and surface mounted terminal options, both of them are available with single and bi-color LED indicators, they are equipped with multiple caps.

Through-in illuminated button and SMT illuminated tactile switch has own advantages and disadvantages, the through-in type can be directly insert onto the PCB board, it uses wave soldering, but finished the soldering process, you need to trim the terminal of PCB back, it adds a procedure for manufacturing; the SMD styles led tact switch can be mounted by the SMT machine to precisely put the buttons on the PCB bonding pad, it saves more time and improve the efficiency of assemble, it uses reflow soldering method, and the soldering temperature needs to be controlled under 260 centi-degree.

Now we offers two types TS8 series smd illuminated tact button switch, one of actuator is creamy, the other is black, they are same functionality, some of older customers used the creamy one for a long time, the new modified SMD illuminated button won’t damage the led when you operates the soldering.

TS8 Series SMT Illuminated Button Switch  TS8 Series SMD Illuminated Tact Switch



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