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The Classification of LED Tactile Switch

As we all know, the illuminated tact switch with a built into LED, our company illuminated tactile switches is available with a variety of mounting method, dimension and function etc.

Our TS7 series led tact switch is 7.0x7.0mm size, this illuminated tactile button offers bi-color and RGB led colors, the TS7 series led tact switch is common anode, the bi-color LED has red-green, red-blue and red-white, and the momentary illuminated push button provides through hole and surface mount mount method, and our SMD illuminated tactile button is a type of heat-resist material.


TS8 series led tactile switch is 6x6mm and height of 7.0mm, the led is optional of single and bi-color led colors, it offers 7.5mm, 10mm,12mm, 12.8mm in square and round shape, the mount ways is through-in and surface mount options.


TS9 series illuminated tactile switches is same size of TS8 series, the height 9.0mm, it support LED and bi-color led, the mounting way through hole and surface mount.

TS9 illuminated tact button.jpg

TS10 series momentary illuminated tactile button has similar size with TS9, but it is round button shape, it is available with 9x9mm/10mm/11x11mm/13mm cap size;

TS10 illuminated tact switch.jpg

TS16 series is 7.0*7.0mm mini led tact button that offers SMD and vertical terminal, the cap comes in 4.5mm and 7.5mm size.


TS17 series is right angle illuminated tactile push switch that drives from TS16 series, it also provide single and bi-color led colors.

TS17 right angle illuminated tact switch.jpg

TS20 series comes from TS9 series illuminated button switch, the cap button is compatible with TS9 series, the right angled type is an ideal for designer, if the product has special design, such as server, we also offer custom-made icons service.

TS20 right angle illuminated tactile switch.jpg



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