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TS4 SPST Round Momentary Key Tactile Switch

FVWIN TS4 Series Round Tactile (Key/Push Button) Switch PCB Mount

SPST Round Momentary Key Tactile Switch

TS4 series round PCB mount push button/key switch with a SPST configuration and momentary action,it has 11.5mm outline diameter, the actuator button is 8mm diameter, the SPST NO keypad switch uses the gold plated lead pin to maintain the high quality reliability when you push it on the circuit; the button color can be custom-made by your requirement; on the bottom of base, it has four positioning pin that keep the assemble stable when you insert it onto the PCB board.

The momentary tactile button has typical applications include, video/electronic games and small appliances,Video & Vision, Industrial.


Easy X,Y coding on single side PCB,it is convenient for PCB mounting, when you press it, there has positive tactile feedback, the gold plated terminal assure the high reliability and promise the operation life, the momentary key push button’s housing color is available in red, white, blue, black and green, if you want to customized it, we also support it. 

Product Specification:

Part No:TS4-2XMounting type: PCB
Actuator Length:4.2 mmType: SPST Momentary, Push to Make
Actuator Diameter:8 mmHeight: 10.5 mm
Outside Diameter:11.5 mmRow Spacing:5.2 mm
Terminal Pitch:5.2 mmTravel:0.7+/-0.2mm
Actuation force:200+/-50gf



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