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LED Tactile Switch Specifications

Choosing the right LED tactile switch for your product is not just a process of evaluating specifications on a product data sheet. Illuminated tactile switches, due to their “feel” and “sound” can impact the user sense of quality in the overall product. 

LED Tactile Switch

1-Voltage Rating: (sometimes called rated power) means the maximum voltage that the switch can withstand when on or off. Voltage ratings on illuminated tactile switches are typically low.

2-Current Rating: the maximum current in amps that a switch can carry before damage.

3-Actuation Force: (also called operating force) the amount of force or pressure (expressed in gram force or gf) that is needed to move a top actuator on a illuminated tact switch.

4-Travel: (also called actuator travel) the overall travel distance of a depressed switch.

5-Actuator Height: the height of the actuator above the body of the switch.

6-Life span: the expected duration of a switch under normal operating conditions.

7-Temperature Range: the range of temperatures within which the switch will operate to specifications.

8-Mounting model: the way used to assemble the switch on the PCB, either through hole or surface mount.



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