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PB02 Series SPST 2-Pin Push Button Switch

PB02 series momentary action two pin 250V 3A push button switch has round shape and panel cut-out size of 16mm, the reset push button is SPST normally open configuration,the SPST pushbutton has nut design, the nut can be teared down, it rated at 6A 125VAC,3A 125VAC, it has 50,000 cycles life expectancy, the actuation distance is 2.4mm, the push button switch offers suitable operation force and a variety of button color options: red, green, white, orange, blue, black or customized as your requirement.

The actuator is diameter of 12.9mm and total height is 19mm, the thread diameter is 15mm,pitch distance is 8.6mm, the panel thickness is 3mm max.

The NO 2 pin push button is broad used to control the electromagnetic starter, industry equipment, contactor, relay and other automatic control electric circuits.




1, SPST contact model, red round head and momentary function

2, Panel cut-out size is 16mm

3, A variety of button color options


Model: PB02

Item: OFF/ON Push Button Switch

Contact Structure: Normally Open (NO)

Working Power: 125VAC 6A

Max Working Power: 250VAC 3A

Contact Resistance: 0.01 (Ω)

Insulation Resistance: 100 (MΩ)

Cut-out Diameter: 16mm

Pin Number: 2

Working Life: Apprex.100000 Times

Color: red, black, yellow, green, white

Mount thread : 15mm

Button DIA : 12.9 mm

Height : 19 mm

Total Travel:2.4+/-0.4mm

Actuation force: 250+/-50gf

Lifespan: 50,000 cycles



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