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The Intro of TS7 Series LED Tactile Switch

FVWIN has engaged on developing and manufacturing the electronics switch through 9 years, our company researched many kinds of illuminated switches and other types electronics switches, now we will make a brief for TS7 series momentary led-illuminated tact switch.

momentary bi-color led tact switch

TS7 series momentary led tactile switch comes in 7.0*7.0mm size and height of 7.0mm, it offers through hole and surface mount terminal; the led-illuminated tactile button is available with several types LED color options, such as red/green, red/white, red/ blue bi-colors and RGB tri-color options, this is a share anode RGB button. There has 10mm circle cap options, we provide the customized legends as designer’s request.

This PCB mounted led tactile momentary button has short travel, and actuation force of 250gf, it is normally choice, it is a momentary SPST led tact switch and when you press down it, the button will maintain the open state, release it, the switch is close the current flow, it is totally different with latching type buttons.

Our SMD type PCB mount illuminated tactile switch can be solder via reflow soldering and keep the temperature under the 260 centi-degree, we’ve changed it as heat-resistant material and ensure the high reliability of the bi-color led tactile button,why so many people chooses the SMD type illuminated switch, because it can be picked up and assembled by automation, the process saves the assemble time and cost.

TS7 series bi-color/ RGB illuminated tact switch with LED is broad used for pro audio/visual equipment, telecommunications, instrumentation, security device and smart home etc, more info please click:https://www.fvwin.com.cn/en/ts7-series.html



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