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How does a illuminated tactile switch work?

An illuminated tactile switch combines the functionality of a tact switch with the visual indication provided by an integrated LED (Light Emitting Diode), the PCB mounted illuminated tact switch transmits the led light to indicate the instrument working states Here's how it works:


1. Tactile Switch Mechanism: Like standard SPST tact switches, illuminated tactile switches have a mechanical mechanism that provides tactile feedback when pressed. This mechanism typically consists of a spring-loaded plunger or dome that collapses when the switch is pressed, creating a tactile sensation for the user.

2. Electrical Contacts: Inside the switch, there are electrical contacts that are normally open (OFF) when the switch is not pressed. When the switch is pressed, these contacts make a connection (ON), allowing electrical current to flow through the switch.

3. Integrated LED: In addition to the tactile switch mechanism, illuminated tactile switches in-Build LED feature an integrated LED (Light Emitting Diode). This LED is connected to the electrical circuit of the switch and is typically positioned beneath the actuator or keycap.

4. LED Circuit: The LED in the illuminated tactile switch is powered by the same electrical circuit as the switch itself. When the switch is pressed and the electrical contacts make a connection, current flows through the LED circuit, causing the LED to light up.

5. Visual Indication: The LED provides visual indication of the switch's status or function. Depending on the design of the switch, the LED may emit a specific color of light (such as red, green, blue, or a combination of colors) to indicate different states or functions, such as power on/off, device operation mode, or specific actions.

6. User Interaction: When a user presses the momentary illuminated tact switch, they not only feel the tactile feedback from the switch mechanism but also see the visual feedback provided by the LED. This enhances the user experience by providing both tactile and visual confirmation of the switch activation.

Overall, illuminated tactile switches combine the functionality of a tactile switch with the visual indication provided by an integrated LED, offering enhanced user interaction and feedback in various electronic devices and control systems.



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