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The Types of Toggle Switch

Toggle switch is a common electrical switch, which has the characteristics of shaking the arm to control the switching state. According to different designs and functions, rocker arm switches can be divided into a variety of types, common including single-pole single-throw (SPST), double-pole double-throw (DPDT), waterproof rocker arm switches with protective covers. The following are the common classifications of rocker switches and their range of applications: 

  1. Single pole Single throw (SPST) Toggle switch: Features: The SPST rocker switch has a rocking arm and two connection points for controlling the opening and closing of a circuit. Application: Suitable for simple circuit control and switching operation, such as household appliances, lighting fixtures, power tools, etc.

  2. Double pole Double throw (DPDT) rocker arm switch: Features: The DPDT rocker arm switch has two rocking arms and six connection points, which can control the open and close state of two circuits at the same time, with more operating options.Application: Suitable for devices that need to control multiple circuits at the same time or need to switch different functional modes, such as sound systems, analog circuits, mechanical devices, etc.

  3. Waterproof Toggle switch with protective cover: Features: This type of rocker switch usually has a waterproof protective cover that protects the switch from dust, water mist and liquids. Application: Suitable for outdoor equipment, ships, automobiles and industrial equipment, which may be affected by wet or harsh environment.

  4. Micro Toggle switch: Features: Micro rocker switch compact size, suitable for space-limited applications. Application: Suitable for portable equipment, medical equipment, digital products, etc.

  5. Toggle switch with LED indicator: Features: This type of Toggle switch with LED indicator can provide visual indication and status display function. Application: Suitable for situations where the switch status needs to be indicated or visual cues are provided, such as control panels, dashboards, storage equipment, etc.

Toggle switch has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and strong durability, so it has a wide range of applications in various electrical equipment and control systems. When selecting a rocker arm switch, you need to make a proper selection according to the specific application requirements and environmental conditions to ensure that the performance and reliability of the switch meet the requirements.



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