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Types of Wafer Connector Terminals

There are different types of wafer connector terminals available in the market that are used for various applications. Some of these types include:

1. Vertical Wafer Connector Terminal

This wafer connector terminal has a vertical orientation and is used where space is an issue, and the circuit size is limited.

2. Surface Mount Wafer Connector Terminal

The Surface mount wafer connector terminal is usually mounted in the surface of PCBs because of its low profile, making it ideal for cramped spaces.

3. Through-hole Wafer Connector Terminal

Through-hole type wafer connector terminal is used in applications where the PCB circuitry has or requires through-holes for leads to pass, especially when the soldering process is needed.

4. Right-angle Wafer Connector Terminal

The Right-angle-type wafer connector terminal is used when there is a need for a cable to enter the system at right angles to the PCB or other components. This type of connector is commonly used in audio, video, and communications equipment.



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