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SMD LED tactile switch Features

Surface Mount LED tactile switch is a type of switch commonly used in electronic devices. Compared with the traditional mechanical switch, the SMD LED tactile switch has the following advantages: 

smd illuminated tact switch with led

  1. Switch it on and off with a light touch. Compared with the mechanical switch, the SMD LED tact switch only needs to be clicked to realize the switch action, without too much force, it is very convenient to use.

  2. Long service life. SMD LED tactile switch is a kind of electronic switch, internal use is integrated circuit and other electronic components, no mechanical structure like mechanical switch, relatively long service life, can reach hundreds of thousands of times more than.

  3. Small size and light weight. Due to the internal use of electronic components, the size and weight of the SMD LED tactile switch is relatively small, suitable for limited volume of electronic equipment, can effectively save space.

  4. With indicator light. The SMD LED tactile switch built-in indicator light, can provide instructions when the status of the switch changes, very convenient and practical.

  5. Low current and low power consumption.

When the SMD LED tactile switch works, the current required is small and the power consumption is relatively low, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the device. To sum up, the SMD LED tactile switch has the advantages of convenient use, long service life, small size, light weight, with indicator light and low power consumption, and has been widely used in modern electronic equipment.



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