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The Briefing Of Toggle Switch

The toggle switch is a kind of manual control switch, mainly used for the on/off control of AC/DC power circuits, but generally can also be used in a few KHZ or up to 1 MHZ circuit. toggle switch is generally suitable for AC 50HZ or 60HZ, voltage to AC 600V and DC 400V, can be used in the control circuit as a control signal interlock, widely used in CNC machine tools, machinery, telecommunications, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical and other fields. The wide use of the toggle switch cannot be separated from its several important advantages.


1. With small volume, easy to operate and use characteristics

2. A variety of functions can be selected

3. Optional terminals and welding methods

4. Panel installation and PCB welding methods are optional


Toggle switches are widely used in telecommunications and network equipment (wireless network cards, handheld devices, reset switches), instrumentation (off switches, controllers), industrial control (clamps, joysticks, power supplies, test and measurement equipment, elevator controls, food processing equipment, Marine and Marine control panels, military applications (communications switches), medical equipment (motor switches for wheelchairs), and off-highway And construction equipment, security systems and metal detectors.



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