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PB86 series illuminated pushbutton

PB86 series illuminated pushbutton is a hinged lever-type – this type of Tact switch with the end of the switch slightly raised, its top cover is slightly raised and some of the keycap has the led hole for mounting, now PB 86 series illuminated tactile button offers 12.4mm x 17mm and 17.4mm x 17mm options, it is a SPDT and momentary action switch button, we have six models is available, the PB-A0 is no led type and PB86-A1 is small cap size of 12.4*17.0mm, PB86-A2 is small cap with two leds, PB86-B0 is large cap of 17.4*17.0mm, B1 is for single led and B2 refers to dual colors.PB86-series-illuminated-pushbutton.jpg

The led of PB86 series momentary illuminated button has red, green, blue and yellow, it is typical application for stage lighting console, Video Transmission, Program-Controller, lighting board, lighting desk.

illuminated led tactile switch

illuminated momentary switch



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