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PB02 Series Momentary Push-button Switch

FVWIN PB02 series momentary push button switch is a cut-out diameter of 16.0mm button, it uses imported ABS material button, beautiful appearance and smooth tactile feedback, the ABS button features excellent characteristics of impact resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance, compression resistance, etc; besides, the PB02 series 16mm SPST two pin momentary push-button switch was equipped with fixed screw nut and waterproof washer, the actuator ABS button is available in red, green, white, black and green colors, we also support to customized the silk-screen on the button surface.

Our engineer integrates the common issues of stuck button, failure rebound in the market and changes the raw material and construction of parts as well as tolerance for the PB02 Normally open SPST push-button, we provide the better solution for customers. PB02 16mm momentary red two terminal push button is widely applied for automobile wiring harness, power tool , computer mainframe, home appliance button, instrument equipment, industrial control switch, etc.

16mm spst two pin Momentary Push-button Switch



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