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TS20 Series Right Angle Illuminated Tact Switch

TS20 series is a right angle illuminated tact switch,it is a through hole mounting,the 90 degree led tact switch has multiple caps and custom built legends selections,there also has several LED colors and bi-colour choices. It has a range application for servers and telecom equipment set-top box.

TS20 series illuminated tactile switch is a side button with LED tact button, which is derived from TS9 series 6x6x9mm PCB mounted illuminated button, TS9 series is vertical through-hole operation plug-in type led tactile momentary switch, TS20 series is side button horizontal operation button, TS20 series can be compatible with all TS9 series’ key caps, this 90 - degree momentary illuminated tactile button has a variety of single color and dual color LED lights can choose, the key cap has a square 12 mm / 7.5 mm / 10 mm / 12.8 mm size is optional, circle is 7.5 mm / 8.0 mm / 10.0 mm / 12.8 mm can choose, we also support customized design; Side actuator with led tact switch button is widely used in server peripheral products, its own installation mode is suitable for the special requirements of products, and can save PCB installation space.

Right Angle Illuminated Tact Switch



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