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TS85 Series Latching Illuminated Tact Push Button

Illuminated push button is also called as led tact switch button, it features compact size and in-built LED color design, the majority of our illuminated buttons are momentary function, if you want the self locking push button switch,please choose our TS85 series illuminated push button switch, it comes 7.5*8.5mm and total height is 10.0mm, the illuminated push button switch offers various single and bi-color LED options, there is diameter 7.5mm, square 10.0*10.0mm and cylinder 10.0mm cap choices, the cap can be engraved and customized any logos as your requirements;

When you press down the button and release your hand, it will stay the position, when you press again, the switch backs to original location, this design is suit for some special circuit design, if you are looking for the latching type illuminated button switch,please visit our TS85 series momentary illuminated push button product. https://www.fvwin.com.cn/en/ts85-series.html

TS85 Series Latching Illuminated Tact Push Button



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