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Tact Switch Classification

Also known as push button switch, tact switch general appearance of the size is 6 * 6 mm, tactile switch is a kind of electronic switches, common tact switch is reset button, according to the installation can be divided into the plug-ins and surface mount types, plug-in is the switch button can be directly inserted into the PCB for welding, usable automaton fetching patch type, use reflow soldering welding, Suitable for batch operation, time-saving and assembly efficiency;

The tactile switch is divided into mini tact switch, illuminated tact switch with led and waterproof tact switch. The mini tact switch mainly includes 4.5x4.5mm, 5.2x5.2mm, 6.0x6.0mm and 12x12mm. These small touch switches have plug-ins, patch and side actuator terminals, which are often used in automobiles, household appliances and medical equipment. Security system, audio equipment and other fields; illuminated tactile switch with led light is our main product, size diversity, can provide different LED light color and caps options, at the same time can support cap custom pattern, illuminated tactile switch with led is used for professional audio and video equipment, PCB circuit board, industrial control equipment, intelligent small household appliances, etc. Waterproof tact switch is mainly silicone button, waterproof grade can reach IP67, the size is 6.0*6.0mm, for most products can be used together, often used for outdoor equipment with high requirements.

momentary spst tact switch button



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