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TS16 Series LED-illuminated Tact Pushbutton Switch

TS16 series led-illuminated tact pushbutton is a size of 7.0*7.0mm, the tact switch with single and bi-color led options, its size same with TS7 series, the TS16 series illuminated tactile switch offers red, blue, white, yellow, green, besides, the TS16 series illuminated tact switch’s cap cann’t be compatible with TS7 series, but the TS17 series right angle led tact switch can use the TS16 series’s cap button.

Actually TS17 series is a right angle type switch of TS16 series, ts16 series led-illuminated momentary tactile switch provides through hole and surface mount options, we developed the heat-resistant material of SMD illuminated tactile switch button, it is compatible with re-flow soldering and save the cost and improve the production efficiency.

SMD Illuminated Tactile Switch



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